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Log Home Construction

Log Home Construction

Continental Log Homes combines old world meticulous attention to detail with modern architectural style and construction featuring brighter, more open designs to create an ideal log home for today’s family. We use only top grade western red cedar, Douglas fir, and western fir that we harvest from our own sources, choosing only straight grain logs for superior durability.

A Time Honoured Tradition

When you decide to build a log home, you have chosen to become a part of a long and time honoured tradition. Full mortise and tenon joinery in both our standard roof truss and post and beam designs ensure that your home is resting on the simplicity and strength of thousands of years of use. We build every Continental Log Home with a full scribe Scandinavian notch. This, combined with the natural settling effects of our large diameter logs, ensures a perfect fit. The meticulous attention to detail necessary in log home construction means that each home we build is built with care, professionalism and time honoured tradition. Your home will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Solid Construction - Energy Savings

Continental Log Homes uses thick, machine and hand planed logs to construct each of our homes, creating solid homes that protect owners from the elements. Though the results can vary depending on so many factors (number and size of windows is an example) the relatively large thermal mass of log walls is an energy-conserving feature, creating homes with naturally high R-values.

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