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Construction Process

Log Home Construction Process

“But the real trick to building a log house that stands the test of time is finding the right log house builder. It can make or break your log home — literally.” -- Mike Holmes, The National Post

A traditional log construction home can last a lifetime. If it is constructed properly, that is. Continental Log Homes builds on years of experience to create masterpieces that will stand the test of time. Logs are air dried for one full year, then painstakingly machine or hand peeled. The logs chosen are between 10 inches diameter (minimum) to an extraordinary 18 to 20 inches diameter for maximum efficiency.

Design: a Crucial Step to Your Dream Home 

When you choose Continental Log Homes to build your home, you'll find that we combine years of master craftsmanship with an affinity for modern design. After you have decided on working with us to create your log home, you'll want to spend time on the planning of your dream home. Modern designs combined with our meticulous attention to detail will set your home apart from the pack and give you a home you will cherish for generations.

Design, then Construct

After your home plans are drawn by the architect and engineered, we begin the construction process. Because your satisfaction ensures our success, you are involved in every step of the process.

Timber Comes from Our Own Sources

We harvest the timber from our own sources, which ensures that your home has been built from logs that have a true, straight grain and are of a minimum 10 inch diameter. This, on top of the time honoured workmanship, creates a package that couples precision and master-craftsmanship with intelligent, modern and spacious design. 

The wood we use is specially chosen for its ability to withstand humid climates. Western red cedar and Douglas fir have both been used for centuries by indigenous peoples because they are proven to last and withstand the elements. 

Logs are Air Dried for One Year

One of the most important aspects of our log home construction is that our logs are air dried for an entire year before they are used in construction. This, on top of everything else ensures that there will be less shrinkage as your home ages. Continental Log Homes are built to last for generations.

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