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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is the official tree of British Columbia and a historically significant tree for the native Northwest Coast aboriginal culture.

Beautiful, Durable, Energy Efficient

We use western red cedar because of its undeniable beauty, durability, and resistance to decay and insect damage. When cut from mature trees, western red cedar logs can last for over a century. Western red cedar is also fire resistant, making it ideal for interior and exterior applications. This wood is an ideal wood for taking finishes since it is pitch and resin free. Its low density helps give it higher r-values & its straight grain & knot-free texture makes it a pleasure to build and work with. For all these reasons, we love working and building with western red cedar. 

And the Best Thing About Western Red Cedar?

Perhaps the best thing about western red cedar is its characteristic aroma, which lasts long after the tree has been felled and has been prized for centuries.

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